Hello World
Hello World

Welcome to my website. It’s been a long time coming!
My name is Christine and I have a passion for fiber arts and design. In this space, my hope is to bring those passions to life. I would be very blessed to have you along for the journey.

About Crochet Cricket

Here at Crochet Cricket you will find inspiration to create your own masterpieces in fiber arts and resources to help you succeed. I am so excited to share my knowledge and discoveries with you along the way through informative articles, pattern designs and product reviews sprinkled with a touch of magic.

The crochet community is a wonderfully inspirational and encouraging place to be! Put your burdens down and pick up those hooks, it’s stitchin time!

Where it all Began

I am a wife, mother and full time business woman, but before all of that, I searched for ways to bring my creativity to life. Sketching and journaling were among my favorite hobbies as a teen.

On the Road Again with Crochet Cricket

At the age of 24, I met my husband and moved all the way from my small hometown in Georgia to Quebec, Canada. World’s away from everything and everyone I knew. Including the language! It was like starting over. I was excited and terrified all at the same time. 

I was on the adventure of a lifetime, full of discovery and challenges. A few years into my journey I had my daughter. She is fierce and unaffraid. She centers me. Then I found myself pregnant again this time a baby boy. Having a son feels like living with my heart on my sleeve. While on maternity leave pregnant with my son, I was blessed with time off work to spend home with my daughter before the birth. I was full of inspiration and I wanted to make something! I wanted to…..knit ???

That’s right lol. I was pregnant after all. I had dreams of baby blankets and bonnets. I bought myself some cotton yarn and started a dishcloth. And….well….it was terrible! I didn’t know it at the time but I was learning English Style knitting and it just wasn’t for me. It took me over a week to make a small dishcloth and I thought this was crazy! How does anyone make a sweater at this pace? But you know what, I still have those knitted dishcloths a decade later.

That’s when I decided to give Crochet a shot and it was love at first stitch. I found it much easier holding the yarn with my left hand and I immediately fell in love with Crochet. Since then, I have discovered Continental Knitting  where the working yarn is held in the left hand (Crocheters can Knit too!) but Crochet is my first love.

Back in my early days, I started a blog which was also called Crochet Cricket and thus began my Crochet Journey. Eventually, I had to put aside my creativity to focus full time on my career. Here I am a decade later. I still love the craft and with ten years of experience now under my belt, I believe it’s time to really explore my potential and inspire as many as possible along the way.

Singing Crickets

As for the name of my site it’s of course a combination of Crochet with a creature I feel completely kin to. Crickets. Growing up in Georgia I would listen to the singing crickets whenever I slept over at my grandparents houses as they lived outside of town in the countryside. It reminds me of home. Give this a listen if you’ve never heard the song of the crickets: Sounds of the Crickets in Georgia

Crickets represent luck, prosperity and to the Celts, wisdom. They are also seen as a symbol of balance between groundedness and spirituality.

They are the bearers of happiness and love. For these reasons, I have named my business Crochet Cricket as it reminds me of home and all I aspire to be.

Crochet Cricket Logo

Thank you for visiting !


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